Three-headed dragon

A lot of the sports registration industry is taken up by this big three-headed monster called NBC.

SportsEngine, LeagueAthletics, and SportsSignup Play used to be independent companies like us, but one by one, they got gobbled up by NBC Universal. Now, they're just three different faces of one massive media conglomerate that's built on targeted advertising and data harvesting.

When you sign with these companies, you agree to sell all of your team and family demographic information into a nationwide advertising database from which it will never escape. Always, always read the fine print.
Compare our fine print with theirs.

So, how is AdminSports different?

1. We’re trustworthy.

As an independent small business, we have a much simpler business model. We don't sell any data, we don't do any advertising, and we don't have an “advertising network” or “research partners”. Instead, we take your privacy and security seriously, and our business model does not include profiting off your demographic data. We simply make the best product we can, befriend our customers directly, and grow by word of mouth.

That simplicity and honesty is why so many national and regional governing bodies (from U.S. Ski & Snowboard to Boston Area Youth Soccer) trust us and only us for deep integration with their programs. This allows us to streamline the registration process in ways that other companies can’t, and provide tailored help out at every step of the way, without worrying about a big corporation selling all of their sensitive data.

2. We speak with you directly.

Another benefit of not being a huge corporation? “Customer support” doesn't mean waiting on hold for half an hour before talking to some random guy with a headset. Nope—you call or message us, directly. Our lead designer Henry, our lead programmer Jason, or even our President Scott Baetz. Give us a call any time and ask us to change one specific little thing, and we'll get right on it. This applies to all the parents and kids in your club, too! No hold music, no middleman, no hassle. And if you're located in the New England region? We'll even come down to meet you in person to get you and your staff set up. Try getting that level of service with any other sports registration company.

3. We’re really, really flexible.

Because we created our own system from scratch, we know every detail about how to customize it to your needs. Our designs aren't restricted to some corporate guidelines. We can customize it literally however you want. Every single step of the experience we offer is infinitely customizable to suit your every whim, your league or team's needs, or your governing body's requirements.

4. We’re with you from beginning to end.

When you sign with AdminSports, we don't just give you a website and a year of registration and then leave. You're getting year-round live customer support for both club admins and parents, plus free updates forever.

When you get a team website from a company like SportsEngine, you get what you get, and you're stuck with that until you pay for an upgrade. When you get an AdminSports website, it gets both design and security updates for as long as you're with us, for free. We just feel like it's the right thing to do.

Work with a company that actually cares about you. Use AdminSports for your sports registration and administration services, and life will be a whole lot easier.

: )