Straightforward, upfront pricing.

Unlike some companies, we pride ourselves on being open, honest, and straightforward.

What does it cost annually? $699/year. Want a beautiful, customizable, ad-free website to go along with that? That's free for the first year, and then $499/yr after that if you want to keep it. No hidden fees—that includes your custom design consultation, year-round tech support, and free web platform upgrades for life. And if you want our most complete package including smart automatic schedule generation and full integration with our mobile app, that's an extra $2/player (added to the player fee.)

What does it cost per registration? The player fee is $2.25 or 1% of your registration price.

What's the credit card fee?   That's what the credit card companies charge us to make online purchases. Every company presents that to the customer a little differently, but we charge just enough to cover it without tacking on anything extra—currently 3.75%.

Dare to compare.

Our competitors tend to obscure their pricing structure, but we've done the research to show you exactly what you're getting with each service. (Yeah, we're just as tired of "Request a quote" as you are.)

  AdminSports TeamSnap ActiveSports SportsEngine
(Stack Sports)
HQ Premium
(Free does not include registration at all)

Registration platform

Annual cost to use $699
for 20 teams
(Increases with number of teams)
for 20 teams
(Increases with number of teams)
$295 $695 $1495 $799
+ $300 fee if you do not collect minimum revenue
Per-player registration fee $2.95
or 1%
$4.95 99ยข $2 $1 $2 $3
Credit card fee 3.75% 3.25% + $1.50 3.5% 3.5% + $2.00 3.99%
Payment plans for parents × × ×
Smart schedule generation × × × ×
Guaranteed zero marketing emails × × × ×
Guaranteed zero customer information sold to advertising companies × × ×
Dedicated Customer Service Advisor × × ×
Live Chat support for both clubs and parents × × × ×
Unlimited teams ×
Unlimited members per roster × ×
Built-in deep integration with notable governing bodies (like USSA for skiing, or BAYS for soccer) × × ×
Customizable registration process × ×

Website features

Basic club website FREE
for the first year, then
$500 Free
Free Free ?
Full customization including:
  • custom colors and backgrounds
  • custom header/footer design
  • custom fonts
  • call-to-action banners
  • customizable webforms
  • calendar integration
  • custom site elements
  • donation collection
  • and more...
+ $1000-$2000
custom design packages
+ $900/yr.
optional design team retainer
$995 $3,500-$6,000
Content migration from your old site FREE $150/page FREE
with $995 design package
1-on-1 website training FREE FREE × $100/hr
Free with $3500+ package
Website receives free updates to latest version forever × × × ×
Unlimited email addresses ×
Photo/video/document storage Unlimited 500MB 2GB Unlimited Unlimited
Team Pages with:
  • Automatic roster import from your registration
  • SMS Text & Email communication tools
  • Smart schedule generator
  • and more...
× × ×
iPhone & Android app ×
100% Ad-free
Built-in Store ×
Integrated Team Sponsorship Purchase Tool × × × ×
Hire us to do Live Chat support for parents on your site × × × ×

So how much will I get paid per registration?

If your program costs $ per person, we charge ______ and the credit card transaction fees take up ______, so you will receive ______ for that registration.

So, if participants sign up for that program, you should make around ______ in total.