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Why us?


We're a small, self-owned company, not some huge corporation, so we have nobody to answer to but you. Call us and ask us to change one specific little thing, and we'll get right on it. Try doing that with one of our competitors—it won't be a fun experience.


Every single step of the experience we offer is incredibly customizable to suit your every whim, your league or team's needs, or your governing body's requirements. Edit your registration forms to add any questions you can possibly think of. Change what info shows up on your team rosters, or how they look when you print them. Invent your own rules for automated emails and SMS texts, when and how often they get sent out, and what they look like. Completely alter the look and feel of your team websites, or have us do it for you.


Ever try to find detailed pricing info on one of our competitor's sites, and why this or that fee exists? Yeah, they make it pretty tough. We've already gotten a head start by working on a Plans page, but we can go into full detail if you give us a call. We pride ourselves on being honest, direct, and up-front about our services, what we can do for you, and what it'll cost.

Work with a company that actually cares about you. Use AdminSports for your registration and administration services, and life will be a whole lot easier.