Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can parents register for multiple events at the same time?
    Yes. The system is capable of handling multiple events per organization.
  • How does the system remember a family?
    The registration data is saved under their email login and password. This eliminates the need to re-enter data year to year.
  • A family moved and they need to change their information.
    They login as an existing user and change the family profile. An administrator may also do it.
  • A family or player's health insurance company has changed. How do I change it?
    They login and change the player profile. An administrator may also do it.
  • How does a registrant pay for the registration? Visa, MasterCard, American Express, check payable to the club or fee waiver request. is the only major online sports registration and administration service accepting American Express.

  • How does a family register without using the internet?
    Clubs can still accept paper registrations and payment by check. Your club administrator or registrar can then enter these applications into the system.
  • Can we wait list players?
    You can wait list players without collecting fees and avoid the issuing of refunds if they are not placed. Wait listing is defined either by individual program (age group & gender) or everyone after a certain date.
  • Can we limit enrollment for a program? 
  • You may limit enrollment for any individual program. If you limit a program to 20 people, the twenty-first is placed on the waitlist.
  • Can I formulate teams?
    Yes, from adding coaches and players to emailing rosters, medical and info spreadsheets to the coaches, to printing rosters and passcards.
  • Can I generate rosters?
    Yes and we can customize your layout to meet state and league requirements if not already available.
  • Can I email registrants with club or registration information?
    Yes. You have multiple selection criteria for creating emails and sending vital information and announcements. After selection is made, you have Quick-Klik email.
  • How do I backup my data? maintains multiple backup copies of your data. In addition, you have Quick-Klik download of your data in Excel. You may also utilize this sortable data offline to send to age group coordinators or administrators.
  • Can we sell uniforms and equipment?
    Yes and you can collect sizing information also. The data can then be downloaded as a separate file for easier order processing.